Hearthstone’s Madness At The Darkmoon Faire Pre-Launch Party Offers Twitch Drops For Free Bundles, Packs, And Subs

Hearthstone’s Madness at the Darkmoon Faire is fast approaching on November 17, and Blizzard is building on the expansion hype on Twitch with gifts of mega bundles, card packs, and channel subs beginning November 12 and running daily until launch day.

November 12 begins with deck theorycrafting streams where you can watch some of the best players in the world discuss how the new expansion might affect the meta in Hearthstone and what kinds of decks we can expect to see. Brian Kibler, Allistraza, Thijs, Firebat, Kripp, Pathra, and 18 others will all be giving their expert opinions on the new cards, and their channels will have Twitch Drops enabled.

Watching any of these theorycrafting streams for two hours between 9AM PT and 12PM PT will award you a Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card pack, and another can be earned by watching two more hours between 12PM PT and 6PMPT. In addition, Blizzard will be awarding a total of 2,000 gifted subs throughout the day, so be sure to watch your favorite creator!

On November 13, you have a chance to win one of the 100 mega bundles donated by Blizzard via Reddit. This is a separate giveaway that they will be hosting, and more information will soon be posted on r/Hearthstone.

More mega bundles will be up for grabs on November 14 and 15 by again watching any of the above creators as they duke it out with the most popular new decks. Lastly, Blizzard will gift another 2,000 subs for watching on November 16.

As always, the pre-release events are a great way to learn everything about the upcoming expansion and to hear from the pros about what might make a big splash, and what might be a total dud. In particular, it will be great to see how the pros react to the reimagining of the old gods.

When the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion launched in 2016, the meta was instantly dominated by the incredible power of N’Zoth, Yogg-Saron, and Y’Shaarj. Now the old gods have been reimagined with their original concepts in mind, but their power level looks far more reasonable.

As a result, they may be fun and janky to play, but they may also be less impactful than their 2016 counterparts on the current meta. In any case, be sure to have your Twitch and accounts linked up for a shot at these prizes during the expansion pre-launch event!

  • November 12th – 2 000 Gifted Subs (Twitch) + Twitch Drops
  • November 13th – 100 Mega Bundles on Reddit + 2 000 Gifted Subs Twitch)
  • November 14th – 200 Mega Bundles
  • November 15th – 200 Mega Bundles
  • November 16th – 2 000 Gifted Subs (Twitch)

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Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Codex Page Locations

Doom Eternal’s “The Ancient Gods” DLC brings three new missions to the game, which means many new collectibles to be found. Across these three missions, there are 13 physical Codex pages and three Support Runes to be discovered. This guide will detail the locations of the former.

The Codex is a series of background information on the Doom lore, made available to you through the collection of hidden Codex pages throughout the campaign. The base campaign has 55 to be found, while the first of two DLC packs to be released brings the total up to 68. There are four pages to be found on each of the first two missions, “UAC Atlantica Facility” and “The Blood Swamps”, and five to be collected on the third and final mission, “The Holt”. These can be collected on any difficulty.

UAC Atlantica Facility

Work your way through the level until you reach the area with the door that requires the red keycard inside, in roughly the spot pictured in the map below.

To the right of the red access door is a staircase leading down. Follow these stairs downward to find the first Codex page in plain sight in front of the door.

A bit further into the level, you will come to the very top of the first structure. Use your map to work your way into the curved platform area pictured here.

Before interacting with the switch to begin the platforming section to the next structure, turn to the left to see a staircase upward. Head up these stairs to find the level’s second Codex entry to your right.

Immediately after the platforming section following the last collectible, you will have to clear out a room of enemies, including a very dangerous Arch-Vile. Following this fight, you will have to swing over to another area, landing on some catwalks.

Walk to the end of the lowest catwalk near the door, where you should see a walkway extending out and to the right of the building. Jump up onto this walkway and follow it around the corner to find the Codex page.

A bit further into the level, you will find yourself back inside following some more combat. A picture of the location is provided for good measure, though this location is very hard to miss.

Immediately upon entering the building, you will see a large upward staircase on the left wall. Instead of climbing up it, stick to the right wall and head under it, around to the far side of the room. Tucked into the back left corner will be the final Codex page of this level.

The Blood Swamps

Very shortly into the level, you should reach the area of the map pictured below. In this section, you will have to fight a few waves of enemies, so do so, then swing your way through the large rotating firebars over the swamp water to your left.

Climb up the few platforms ahead of you and do a double-jump and dash to reach the far platform to your right, to the other side of the door below. From here, drop down and pick up the diving suit. Submerge into the water directly in front of you and turn around immediately. Underwater in a small alcove will be the first Codex page of the level.

This second Codex page is a bit more involved and won’t appear for another little while. There is one point in the mission, pictured below, where you will have the option to take either a left or a right path. In the end, you will end up taking both, though do note that this guide assumes you are taking the left path first, as that will ensure that the Codex pages are collected in chronological order.

After a long while, you will eventually come to the area pictured below. This staircase is where you go to proceed through the level and it is leading up to a door that will only open once all the enemies in the area are dealt with. Once it opens, instead of going up it, turn around 180 degrees and submerge into the water in front of you, by the far wall.

Advance through the tunnel into a secret area, where you will encounter an empowered demon. Deal with this enemy and then continue forward. At the far end of the area in plain sight, you will find the second Codex page of the level, across a large gap.

Proceed through the level and pay close attention to your map as you do so. You will come to a section of the level that is pretty heavy on the parkour, and after dealing with the enemies at the end of the parkour section, you should find yourself in the spot pictured below.

Stand atop the circular platform overlooking the swamp. You should see a climbable wall in the distance, which you can reach with a double-jump and dash. Do so to reach it and climb to the top. Make a 180 once you are on top and you should see the Codex page on a platform ahead of you. With two jumps and two dashes, you can reach this collectible.

Once again, continue your playthrough of the level for a short while, until you reach the area seen below on the map. Clear out the enemies here to make your life just a tad bit easier, then turn around and face the point of entry to this area.

The Codex page is located directly above the entrance here. To the left will be a ledge you can jump up to reach, so do so and then jump up to nab the final Codex page of the second level.

The Holt

A decent ways into the level, you will reach this area, which requires you to knock over a tree on a higher ledge to create a bridge to proceed. You can knock over the tree to get ready, but do not leave yet.

Approach the ledge overlooking the map and look straight down. Hidden away on a platform below will be an immediately visible Codex page. Drop down to grab it and then use the climbable wall behind you to get back up.

Further into the level, you will come to an area with numerous small floating islands, as clearly visible on the map. You are going to want to make your way to the third floating island on the right side of the main path to grab the hard-to-miss Codex page.

Continue on your merry way, until you take a gravity lift up to the upper floor of the building, to the area pictured in the map below. Once up here, look to the right and you should see a large door at the end of the bridge, up a ramp.

Head through it to find the third Codex page waiting for you on the left side of the room, in plain sight.

A bit later, after swinging across a chasm and punching through a destructible wall, you should find yourself at the place on the map as seen below. Regularly check your map so you know when you are coming up on it.

Once you land in the room (as seen in the first pictured below), immediately make a 180 and shoot the red target above the chasm a few times. This will unlock the door on the opposite end of the chasm.

Use jumps and dashes to reach the platform to the left of the chasm where you started, then jump over to the opposite side of the chasm from where you shot the target. The previously-locked door will now open, revealing the Codex page.

The final Codex page is right where you shot the target from. Swing back across the chasm and back into the large room. Head to the back right corner to find the final Codex page of the DLC tucked away.

With all 13 of the DLC Codex pages collected, you should unlock your well-earned “Required Reading” achievement or trophy and should be much better understanding of Doom Eternal’s lore.

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Gavin Burtt is a news, guide and list writer for TheGamer based up north in Ontario, Canada. Gavin has worked as a walkthrough editor and overseer for the TrueGaming network and has been an avid Xbox achievement hunter for years, accumulating over 700,000 gamerscore to this date. When he’s not writing or gaming, he’s focusing on his physics studies for Queen’s University.

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Breath of the Wild’s prequel has time travel, here’s why it matters

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has a new eShop demo available for download, which gives players a taste of the upcoming hack-and-slash game. While much of the demo has you fighting through droves of Bokoblins, the opening of the demo teases some tantalizing possibilities for the entirety of the game.

In the initial cutscene, Age of Calamity starts up in the future, when Zelda stops Ganon from continuing his rampage on Hyrule. This is notable because technically, Age of Calamity is supposed to be a prequel.

But when Zelda’s power awakens during the cinematic, we see a mini guardian turn on and then suddenly hop into a portal. The portal takes the tyke to the past, where the events of Age of Calamity take place. Time travel is nothing new for the Zelda franchise — in Majora’s Mask, it’s a mechanic unto itself. But the reason this is a curious decision for Age of Calamity is that it means we can’t assume what will happen during the course of the game.

This entire time, fans have thought the prequel would inevitably end in tragedy. After all, in Breath of the Wild, the champions are long-dead. In Age of Calamity, the champions are all alive and gearing up to defend Hyrule from Ganon’s threat.

If time travel is on the table, the developers at Koei Tecmo don’t have to follow the events that lead into Breath of the Wild at all. They could, in fact, just open up a new timeline in which something else happens altogether. Already, by changing the myth tapestry we see at the start of Breath of the Wild, there’s speculation that Age of Calamity might introduce more champions — the original imagery only showed one champion per Divine Beast. Now there’s two! What does it mean? Will the champions win against Ganon this time? Nevermind, of course, that the mini guardian that puts everything into motion doesn’t even exist in Breath of the Wild.

What’s more, data miners who have perused through the game files have found icons belonging to a number of surprising (and spoilery) character inclusions. While these icons could mean anything and don’t necessarily imply we’ll be able to play as these figures, the combination of time travel and their apparent inclusion in the game means that anything is possible.

Buckle up. Age of Calamity, out on Nov. 20 for the Nintendo Switch, may be a ride.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review – Inconsistent Magic

Witchcraft. Doppelgangers. Cenobite-like demons. Evil children. Inescapable fog. Supermassive Games loves to combine horror tropes and create its own spin on them for one big, spine-tingling adventure. It’s part of the studio’s identity and what made Until Dawn such a hit. I always look forward to seeing how the team is going to subvert my expectations. Little Hope is the second standalone entry in Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology, and though it is a step up from Man of Medan, it still falters as much as it succeeds. Little Hope tells a fascinating tale, but lackluster gameplay, predictable scares, and performance issues hold it back from greatness.

This story is completely self-contained, so you don’t need to play Man of Medan to understand it. This fresh break allows Supermassive to explore a new setting, characters, and horror subgenres. For Little Hope, you’re introduced to a New England town of the same name. It has an eerie past connected to the 17th-century witch trials, along with a family from the 1970s that experienced tragedy. When a bus carrying a professor and his group of college students crashes in Little Hope during a detour, you realize more is going on than meets the eye. Not only is a fog preventing you from leaving, but your group also appears connected to the town’s dark history. The new setting immediately pulled me in; not only is it creepy from the start, but the intrigue that holds the mystery together is powerful.

That being said, getting to the story’s best moments takes time and patience. Little Hope is a slow burn, meaning you have a lot of downtime just walking down a foggy path with few clues and boring dialogue. You occasionally go into the sewers, a church, or a factory, but the winding road is the main destination. The journey would probably be more enjoyable if I found the characters intriguing, but it was hard to care about any of them. The problem is they feel more like one-dimensional reactions to a situation rather than being unique people with needs and motivations. It was hard to get a sense of any of them beyond the few traits listed about them when you start the game.

Though the present-day ensemble is uninteresting, their doppelgangers from the past are a different story. They pull you back into their time period to experience the crazy accusations and fear of witchcraft that ran rampant. I loved the tension of these moments, as you see paranoia manifest you begin to question who is to blame for how things unfold (which becomes a big choice you make). It all culminates in a fantastic twist that I won’t spoil, but it is cleverly done and made me approach my second playthrough in a different and exciting way. Changing your decisions on subsequent runs also leads to new scenes and situations, like whether characters proudly show off their relationship, or what form a creature takes. 

I wish the overall gameplay of Little Hope provided the same excitement. Despite having some of the best creature design Supermassive has ever done, Little Hope still can’t capitalize on its terrors. The game tries to unnerve you, attempting its share of jump scares, but they are too predictable and over-the-top to work. Addressing complaints from Man of Medan, Supermassive made some improvements with better indicators for when QTEs are coming, and you can now press a button to walk faster through environments. However, item selection is still finicky, and I had to contend with technical issues like freezes and glitches, especially in co-op.

Speaking of co-op, I had a much better experience playing by myself than I did with someone else – the opposite of my experience with Man of Medan. The story lends itself better to solo play, as co-op allows only certain players to see specific scenes, which makes it difficult to piece together the whole story. Also, if your co-op buddy finishes up their area first when you’re split up, the story moves ahead without giving you time to inspect everything. I experienced crashes, dialogue cutting out, and disconnects, despite both my co-op buddy and I having solid connections. I hope this aspect of the game gets improved after launch, because it gets in the way of following and appreciating the narrative.  

Little Hope is inconsistent, like a witch-in-training still learning how to fully weave a spell. It sets up its story well and keeps you guessing, but the execution is lacking. It needs more variety and interesting things for your characters to do. The action comes too late, and by then, you’re already nodding off. However, seeing the fantastic ending makes putting up with those boring moments a little more bearable.

Little Hope tells a fascinating tale, but lackluster gameplay, predictable scares, and performance issues hold it back from greatness.

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The Netherlands Has Banned Loot Boxes With A Maximum Fine Of €5 Million For Non-Compliance With New Terms

EA will be fined €500,000 a week by the Netherlands Gaming Authority should it continue selling loot boxes via FIFA’s Ultimate Team.

The argument over whether loot boxes in video games should be classed as gambling or not rages on around the world right now. Some countries have already banned the mechanic or made the decision to reclassify it as a form of gambling. However, in other countries, the powers-that-be and the developers they are up against are struggling to find an appropriate definition and subsequent action.

In the UK, for example. Efforts to have loot boxes reclassified ramped up this year after a student blew his life savings on packs playing FIFA’s Ultimate Team. Packs cost in-game currency, which can be bought with real-life cash. It is then a lottery as to the skill level of the players that can be found in those cards.

All three major console platforms now require games to disclose loot box odds to consumers. However, in the Netherlands, further steps have been taken, at least when it comes to FIFA. A ruling was made this week that the Netherlands Gaming Authority will be able to fine EA €500,000 a week, every week until the developer removes loot boxes from FIFA’s Ultimate team.

EA will be fined €250,000 and its Swiss subsidiary will be fined the same, totaling €500,000 per week. EA has three weeks to act before those fines begin. Should it choose to continue selling packs in FIFA’s Ultimate Team in the Netherlands after that point, the fines will begin and be in place for the following ten weeks. That could result in a fine as high as €5 million ($5.8 million) by the time this is all said and done.

EA continues to argue that since FIFA’s packs can only be bought in-game and have no monetary value outside of them, that the mechanic should not be considered gambling. That’s why the publisher plans to appeal the decision. “We are appealing this decision and we seek to avoid a situation impacting the ability of Dutch players to fully experience and enjoy FIFA Ultimate Team,” EA’s Benelux Country Manager, Dirk Scholing told Video Games Chronicle.

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The PS5 Has Sold 168x Faster Than The PS4 So Far

The future’s looking bright for PlayStation 5, as early numbers reported by Jim Ryan—CEO of Sony—suggest that the PS5 has sold 168 times faster than the PS4 did.

As we enter the opening weeks and months of the next-gen of gaming consoles, both Sony and Xbox will be keeping an eye on how consumers respond to their respective business strategies. While Microsoft and Xbox are heavily focused on Game Pass and xCloud, Sony has been sticking with exclusive titles and tangible hardware upgrades, like the DualSense controller.

During a brief interview with Reuters, Ryan said that it only took 12 hours for PS5 pre-orders to reach the same unit sales volume that the PS4 attained in 12 weeks. While there are no solid numbers that can be used for comparison, it has been estimated that the PS4 sold 1 million units during that 12-week timespan.

Based on the pre-order debacle that happened last month—which forced Sony to apologize—it isn’t hard to imagine that the incredible claim will stand up to scrutiny. In fact, just a couple of short weeks ago, we learned that the PS5 had accounted for a full 72% of next-gen console pre-orders, lending more credibility to the claim.

Numbers are one thing, but delivering the hardware is another. Some retailers in Ireland are even warning customers not to expect to get their hands on a PS5 until 2021—and that’s if you pre-ordered the console. Supply chains haven’t fully recovered since the pandemic began in March, prompting Ryan to admit that, “It may well be that not everybody who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day will be able to find one.

It remains to be seen if Sony has the inventory to deliver on all of the pre-orders that were accepted, but the fact that—just 30 days ago—pre-orders were being canceled at the request of Sony gives us pause for concern. That being said, we all know that scarcity can drive sales, so it’s possible that Sony will come out on top, even if they don’t have the inventory to meet demand.

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Michael spent some time owning and running a bar. He is currently living on wheels with his wife, playing video games, guitar, and watching Pewdiepie comment on memes. #Floorgang

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The First Two No More Heroes Games Are Out On Nintendo Switch

No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle just came out on Nintendo Switch today. The cult classic beat ’em ups from Grasshopper Manufacture are already available for purchase and download off the eShop.

More than a decade ago, these Suda 51-helmed action-adventure games rocked the Nintendo Wii, becoming some of the most well-received and beloved third-party games on the console. Now, the series makes its grand return on the Switch.

You can check out gameplay footage of No More Heroes on the Switch in the trailer below.

Best of all, from now until November 14th, there’s a 10% off launch discount on both games too. That’s down to $17.99 for each game, then back to $19.99 when the sale is over. If you want both games today, you’ll have to shell out $36.00 total.

If you’re on the hunt for a physical copy of More Heroes or No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, though, you might be out of luck. Both games are only available for digital download off the eShop, for right now anyway. Publisher XSEED hasn’t said anything about physical releases as of yet. 

There’s no new content in these re-releases or at least none that Nintendo or XSEED Games mention. If the trailer is anything to go by, though, the first No More Heroes appears to be running at 60FPS and at a 1080p resolution, which is a big step up in performance and presentation for a game that originally came out on the Nintendo Wii.

With No More Heroes 3 delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19 complicating development, revisiting the first two entries in the series is an excellent warm-up in the meantime. Though Grasshopper Manufacture stresses that you don’t have to play the previous entries to understand what’s going on in No More Heroes 3, but it’s still a good idea just because they’re great games all on their own.

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Baby Yoda and 'The Mandalorian' is Coming to 'Star Wars: Squadrons'

In celebration of the upcoming second season of The Mandalorian, Lucasfilm, Motive and Electronic Arts announced the “Mando Mondays” event, bringing new drops every week spanning across toys and collectibles, books, comics, and even video game content. For its first week, Mando Mondays is now bringing the beloved Disney+ show to the massively-popular Star Wars: Squadrons in the form of a The Mandalorian DLC pack.

Within the pack, you’ll find eight cosmetic items for you to decorate your starfighters with, all of them completely free of charge and earnable simply by playing the game. Each faction will get four of these trinkets, which include a hanging flair, a dashboard flair, a hologram, as well as decals for the exterior of your ship. As you can see in the infographic above, the collection features many of the show’s most beloved characters and items, such as Baby Yoda himself, the Mando’s Razor Crest ship, a Beskar ingot, and even a Blurrg.

The Mandalorian season two will arrive to Disney+ October 30, while Star Wars: Squadrons is now available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with The Mandalorian DLC pack coming October 28.

Elsewhere in gaming, Facebook has now launched its cloud gaming service.
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The Inspirations, Relationships, And Story Of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Whether it’s Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, or Miles Morales, what it means to be a family has always been a huge influence on the web-slingers of New York City. It is that deeply tied connection between characters that is a tradition Insomniac Games has no intention of breaking. Sitting down with Ben Arfmann, lead writer, and Evan Narcisse, narrative consultant, it becomes clear right away that these two understand how that narrative pillar molds Miles himself.

But it isn’t just family that drives New York’s newest wall-crawler, but one of the neighborhoods itself. Join us as we sit down with key members of the incredibly talented writing team from Insomniac to discuss the inspirations, relationships, and story of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales!

If you enjoyed this look at Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, be sure to check out all of our content from this month’s cover story including a look at how this studio has refined the series’ combat, your first look at J. Jonah Jameson, and footage of our titular character’s new feline friend!

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Check Out The Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Launch Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is scheduled to arrive on November 13, coming to Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The game offers a single-player campaign that takes place after the original Black Ops title, a new zombies experience, and of course traditional multiplayer. The campaign offers multiple endings, scenarios with choices and consequences, and of course some of our old favorite characters like Mason, Woods, and Hudson. 

Traditional multiplayer is loaded with vehicles for both transport and assault this time around, allowing players to cruise on the sea, drive around dunes, and even take to the sky. Check out some of our thoughts on multiplayer here and here. Warzone is also going to be infused by Cold War, but to what extent and how we have yet to truly see.

Today, we have a new trailer for the game. What’s in it? Ronald Reagan. Super spy Russell Adler. Lots of guns and explosions. Yep, that’s a Call of Duty trailer alright. Check out the trailer below for a taste of the action that’s getting closer every day.


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