Apex Legends drop teaser with a black hole, Olympus map on the way?

The Season 7 teasers are in full swing for Apex Legends. Although the poster legend for the season has been confirmed through in-game challenges, we’re in the dark on a majority of the installment’s content. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case for long, as Respawn Entertainment is dropping some teasers. Announced yesterday on Twitter, the game’s fictional T.V. series, “Stories from the Outlands,” is premiering another edition called “Promise.” We don’t know what the premiere will entail, but we do know a black hole and spaceship are involved. Could this be in relation to the rumored Olympus map?

Olympus map confirmed through new Apex Legends teaser?

In correlation with the black hole teaser, we’ve also seen a UFO pop up on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. While we don’t officially know if these two things are related, it seems highly likely.

Some fans have guessed that this new edition in the TV series will be for Horizon, the Season 7 legend. The assumption with this theory is that Horizon is in the spaceship and is being transported to the Apex Legends games.

However, the other theory is a little more enticing. According to some fans, the black hole and spaceship are both hinting at the Olympus map. A mere rumor for months, Olympus has said to be where the legends are headed next. There have been multiple in-game hints but nothing concrete.

The rumored Olympus map is said to be set in an urban environment with a ton of skyscrapers.

Although, the fan theory is that the black hole is the gateway to the new world and the spaceship is the delivery device. Perhaps Horizon, an engineer, will help with the transportation once she arrives in Season 7.

At this point, anything is possible. We’ll have to wait to find out when the new Stories from the Outlands edition goes live today at 11 AM ET.

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Astralis Partners With Garmin for Garmin Instinct Esports Edition Smartwatch

Astralis announced Thursday a long-term partnership with Garmin to promote the Garmin Instinct Esports Edition, a new line of smartwatches designed to improve the performance of esports athletes and enthusiasts, the company says.

The long-term commercial partnership extends across all of Astralis’ teams, and will see the organization be involved in the promotion and marketing of the smartwatch line in the Nordic region. Financial terms were not disclosed. 

The Garmin Instinct Esports Edition was officially unveiled this morning.

Astralis announced in September that it had moved its various teams (Astralis, Future FC, and Origen) under the Astralis name and colors. Astralis competes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, and League of Legends.

Also in September, Astralis secured a commercial partnership with Danish analytics firm Cavea and a three-year partnership with Danish audio product brand Bang & Olufsen.

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Hangzhou Spark parts ways with 5 players

The Overwatch League team said goodbye to Adora, Ria, BeBe, Ado, and Sasin today.

The Hangzhou Spark said goodbye to five of its Overwatch League players today, including two DPS players, two tanks, and one support.

Off-tanks Park “Ria” Seong-Wook and Song “SASIN” Sang-hyun, support Yoon “BeBe” Hui-chang, and DPS players Kang “Adora” Jae-hwan and Chon “Ado” Gi-hyeon won’t don the Spark’s pink uniform next season.

Despite the far-reaching changes, the Spark still maintained core elements of its lineup, such as main tank Xu “Guxue” Qiulin, DPS Park “Architect” Min-ho and Kim “GodsB” Kyeong-bo, and main support Park “IDK” Ho-jin.

Most of the pros saw playtime in the season, with BeBe as a constant presence in the support lineup. All five are Overwatch League veterans; four of them signed with the Spark for its debut in the 2019, and Ado has been in the league since its inaugural season.

Flex support BeBe saw the most playtime by a large margin over his teammates, with nearly 20 hours on the field, mainly with Zenyatta, Ana, Moira, and Baptiste. He joined the Spark in 2018 after a successful Contenders campaign for X6-Gaming but didn’t see much play on his first season.

Off-tank Ria was one of the Spark’s first announcements ahead of its 2019 season. Like Bebe, he also played for X6-Gaming before moving on to the Overwatch League.

SASIN made his way to the Spark after the team’s first week in the league — another pickup from the Korean Contenders Series. He saw little playtime in 2019 but gained more room this season with Sigma or Zarya.

DPS Adora also saw considerable action in the 2020 season, predominantly playing Reaper and Mei in a meta that favored tankbusters. He signed with the Spark ahead of the team’s league debut.

Ado is an Overwatch League veteran; he played for the Shanghai Dragons during its infamous 2018 campaign and defended the Washington Justice the following year. He moved to the Spark in 2020, where he became a rare sight, playing only 27 minutes on stage, mostly with Mei.

The Spark’s 2020 Playoffs run ended after the team was eliminated 3-0 by the Seoul Dynasty in its first playoffs match and fell around the middle of the pack in the Asia bracket.

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Valve Partners With 4D Esports For $75,000 South American Dota 2 Event

Valve is sponsoring another South American Dota 2 tournament, this time teaming up with 4D Esports to produce a second season of the Realms Collide series. The partnership will see the event’s prize pool take a huge leap to $75,000, making it “the biggest tournament in the history of South America.” 

4D Esports is a South American esports tournament organizer based in Lima, Peru. The company has previously hosted several small events, including the inaugural Realms Collide season. The first Realms Collide season took place earlier this year, with only $10,000 up for grabs for eight competing teams. Peruvian-majority team beastcoast took home the first Realms Collide title, claiming the $4,000 grand prize.

Season one champions beastcoast will return for Realms Collide’s second season. They will be joined by some of South America’s best Dota 2 teams, including Infamous, Thunder Predator, and Infinity Esports. The format for Realms Collide season two has not yet been revealed. The first season had eight participating teams, with only two teams, beastcoast and Infinity, receiving direct invites. The event’s announcement trailer appears to confirm nine competing teams, while the tournament organizer states they will be “including more teams soon.”

Two teams from season one received direct invites, while the other six were determined through 4D Esports’ Aorus League Peru. The top six teams in the league advanced to compete in Realms Collide. A qualifier circuit has not yet been announced for season two, nor has the total number of teams participating.

The Valve partnership allows 4D Esports to raise the Realms Collide prize pool to $75,000. Prior to this event, The Great American Rivalry Division 1 Season 1 held the highest prize pool across all of 4D’s events. The tournament, which included teams from both North and South America, boasted a $47,500 prize pool. A $75,000 prize pool makes Realms Collide season two 4D’s biggest tournament to date.

This is Valve’s second venture into South American Dota 2, as the company previously helped out Movistar Liga Pro Gaming’s prize pools with a $45,000 donation. Esports competition has stalled in the wake of COVID-19, and this financial boost has helped revive the professional Dota 2 scene in South America.

Realms Collide season two will take place from November 9th to December 6th. Additional competing teams will be announced soon.

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Avengers game hit with double whammy DLC and next gen delay

While some new content has been released, the first major DLC for Avengers, that was supposed to win back players, has been delayed.

Despite a seemingly successful launch, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game has been losing players ever since, which isn’t good for a game that’s aiming to survive for several years à la Destiny 2.

Crystal Dynamics head Scot Amos has previously suggested players would come back once the new content, namely the first DLC character Kate Bishop, was released, but now that has been delayed.

While there was never a set release date for the character, an official blog post from Amos has explained that she and her campaign have been pushed out of October and will be made available later in the year.

‘Moving forward, we intend to have a fixed, predictable patching cycle to ensure all new content meets both our and your high standards and has time for extensive internal testing,’ the post reads.

‘We know fans are hungry for new content, but delivering a fun experience is our priority. With this in mind, we’ve decided to push Kate Bishop’s Operation launch back a bit, out of October. We’re sorry for this slight delay, but we are dedicated as a team to quality first.’

The post does tease that her story, which takes place after the main game’s campaign, will involve the new Tachyon rifts that have recently been added and that the other Hawkeye, Clint Barton, and a new, unannounced character are still to come.

This isn’t the only major delay, though. Avengers was meant to release on next gen consoles, the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, this year, but it’s been decided those will be pushed back to 2021.

‘We’ve also made the decision to shift our PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S launch to next year to ensure that we give our team the time to deliver a next gen experience showcasing all that this game is meant to be.’

Amos points out that you will still be able to play the current gen versions on next gen hardware via backwards compatibility, where you will benefit from improved loading times and frame rates, and you can carry your save progress over.

Amos also promises another War Table livestream in November, which will no doubt reveal more planned content, but these delays are another blow to a game already struggling to hold on to its audience.

While brand-new mission types have been added, like the aforementioned Tachyon Rifts and Mega Hives, they lack the kind of star power a new character would bring.

On the bright side, recent updates have brought with them several fixes to bugs that have plagued the players that have stuck around.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics clearly have a lot of plans for Avengers’ future, but none of that will matter if there’s no longer anyone who wants to play it.

Avengers is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S releases will arrive next year.

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