WoW: Shadowlands – Where To Find Professions (And Which Ones To Choose)

Every profession in World of Warcraft has received a major update in Shadowlands. While some seem to be more useful than others in this expansion, there are plenty of good reasons to choose each and every one of them. You can only choose two professions, however, and they can take a considerable amount of time to level up. Here’s a quick rundown of the most useful professions in Shadowlands and where to get them.

Where Are Professions In Shadowlands?

You won’t be able to choose a profession until you found your way to Oribos, the central hub city of the Shadowlands. After starting Shadowlands in either Ogrimmar or Stormwind City, you’ll need to quest through The Maw for 1-2 hours before you’ll eventually make your way to Oribos. Here is where you’ll find the Brokers — interdimensional travelers that are visiting the Shadowlands to conduct business.

Oribos has a circular layout (kind of like an ouroboros, get it?) with three floors that can be accessed through a portal in the center. Not the center-center — that’s actually a one way trip to The Maw. The picture above shows the portal. The portal will take you back and forth between The Ring of Fates and The Ring of Transference. Transference is where you’ll find the flight master. Fates is where you’ll find, among other things, the profession trainers.

There are five separate halls that make up the outer circle of The Ring of Fates. all of the profession vendors can be found in the northwest hall called The Hall of Shapes. If you come out of the portal, you can identify The Hall of Shapes by the blue hammer over the entrance.

Straight ahead you’ll find the trainers for mining and blacksmithing, as well as anvils that you can use for crafting. To the right are the trainers for skinning, leatherworking, tailoring, cooking, fishing, and enchanting. You’ll also find an NPC called Au’daluk the would be the archeology trainer, except there is no archeology in Shadowlands. You can ask him about archeology and he’ll have this voice bit of dialogue to offer. Way to rub it in Blizzard, but at least they give us some hope.

Down the left side of the hall, you’ll find trainers for alchemy, herbalism, inscription, jewelcrafting, and engineering. Like Battle for Azeroth, engineers also have special access to the auction house here via the Holographic Auctioneer.

Which Professions Should You Choose In Shadowlands?

Choosing a profession is a big decision. You can only pick two, and you can’t change professions without losing all of the progress you’ve made. Most players will choose two professions and commit to them for the entire expansion, but that isn’t necessarily the only option. Some players like to take both mining and herbalism at the start of the expansion because they both offer easy ways to gather valuable resources and make some quick cash on the auction house. If you aren’t sure what to pick, it isn’t totally unreasonable to start with these two and then switch one or both off later once you decide what to choose.

Many professions work really well together in pairs. It is often recommended that if you going to take mining, you should also take either blacksmithing, engineering, or jewelcrafting. This way, you can farm the materials you need to level up your profession rather than needing to buy materials at the auction house. The same goes for herbalism/alchemy and skinning/leatherworking or tailoring.

With the introduction of legendary armor crafting, some of these professions are certainly looking like the obvious front runners. Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers, and Tailors will be able to craft base items, which are essential components of legendary armor. These are not soulbound items, so players with these professions will be able to not only craft base items for themselves and their friends, but also sell base items on the auction house. If you don’t choose one of these four professions, it’s likely you’ll need to buy base items for crafting legendary armor from the auction house at some point.

Additionally, Scribes can craft missives that are used to determine what stats legendary crafted gear will have. For high-level content, missives will be essential for making the best gear possible. Therefore, inscription is another high priority profession in Shadowlands.

Don’t discount the lower priority professions though. Enchanters will have more slotted armor to work with in Shadowlands, Engineers will have access to more powerful gadgets thanks to a “techno-magical breakthrough,” and even Alchemy has new optional reagents that can buff armor.

Ultimately, there is no wrong profession. You should choose the professions that seem the most interesting to you because all of them are a major commitment. Even if one profession is statistically the best or most profitable, it won’t mean much to you if you aren’t interested in learning it. Pick the one that sounds the coolest and enjoy – just be sure to stay socially distant.

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Eric Switzer is the Livestream News Editor for TheGamer as well as the lead for VR and Tech. He has written about comics and film for Bloody Disgusting and VFXwire. He is a graduate of University of Missouri – Columbia and Vancouver Film School. Eric loves board games, fan conventions, new technology, and his sweet sweet kitties Bruce and Babs. Favorite games include Destiny 2, Kingdom Hearts, Super Metroid, and Prey…but mostly Prey. His favorite Pokémon is Umbreon.

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Games Inbox: What’s the best game on Xbox Series X?

The Wednesday Inbox names Xbox Game Pass as an essential service for lockdown, as one reader asks about the next gen without broadband.

To join in with the discussions yourself email [email protected]

Xbox optimised
Since Xbox has no games I’ve been forced to play through my back catalogue when on Xbox Series X. Nobody is really talking about auto HDR but I’ve found it to be a revelation in some games. Games like Alien Isolation definitely benefit. The biggest improvement I’ve found is Wolfenstein 2. That game had dynamic 4K, so on Xbox Series X it now looks pristine and buttery smooth. It’s a strange feeling loading up these older games because they don’t look like I remember. Actually, I’ve been enjoying some older games more than, say, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The new Call Of Duty is another one which seems a bit half-hearted. We do have to make allowances for the pandemic impacting development, so I can’t be too critical. The pandemic has taken the shine off this new generation in general. Picking up a console outside JD Sports just didn’t go with tradition, and scalpers exploiting the low availability is very sad to see.

On Xbox I’d definitely recommend to be patient and not give in to the scalpers. And as good as Astro’s Playroom and Demon’s Souls are, it’s not worth paying over the odds. Just keep an eye on sites like GC who always give notice of new stock. Who knew buying toilet rolls would become a thing in 2020, so people buying multiple consoles, for whatever reason, doesn’t shock me in the least.

Lockdown hero
I just wanted to gush about Game Pass and how good it has been, especially during the lockdowns. This year I’ve bought at full price four games: Resident Evil 3, The Last Of Us Part 2, It’s Quiz Time, and Crash Bandicoot 4 – everything else I’ve got on Game Pass. There’s only a handful of game series that I’m ever desperate to get day one (Tomb Raider and Resident Evil mostly) so I’m the type of gamer the service appeals to.

This year alone I have played A Plague Tale: Innocence (great), The Blair Witch (meh), Bleeding Edge (OK), Day Z (OK), Dead By Daylight (great), Deliver Us The Moon (OK), Destiny 2 (OK), Dishonored 2 (great), Doom Eternal (great), replayed Fable 2 (amazing), Gears 5 (meh), Grounded (OK), Observation (amazing), Ori And The Will Of The Wisps (amazing), and Streets of Rage 4 (good).

Then since EA Play has arrived I’m currently working my way through Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (loving it) and I’ve got Unravel, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, A Way Out, and even Anthem downloaded and waiting. It is actually ridiculous how good it is, I don’t think I could have been without it during these trying times – it might be the thing that keeps me on Xbox as the 2021 line-up is looking a little bare.
Jay (graffitiheart89 – gamertag/PSN ID)

Next gen unplugged
Just wondered if you or any readers have any information on how the new generation performs with no internet connection? I’ve had all of the previous PlayStations and played Final Fantasies, Personas, the Uncharted games, Yakuzas, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Valkyrie Chronicles, Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War, The Witcher, XCOM, a few FIFAs, and Catherine, to name just a few.

I avoid games where multiplayer Is the main feature and apart from a bit of slowdown and freezing in the Fallout games there’s been no real problems. With what you can do with your smartphone there must be a lot of people like me who don’t want or need broadband or a landline to pay for. Keep up the good work and thanks in advance.

GC: A next gen console with no internet sounds less than ideal to us.

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Bad start
I wonder if I’m alone in this, but I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed the start of a video game. What I mean is that these days so many games are complex, open world affairs, with so many crafting/upgrade menus and bits ‘n’ bobs going on that the first few hours are often confusing and overwhelming as you try to wrap your nut around everything – not to mention the usually complex control schemes that require a bit of time to memorise.

I’d say Red Dead Redemption 2 and the patched version of Ghost Recon: Wildlands are probably the most recent, and most egregious, example of this, with both of those games being a bit of a headache for the first few hours.

More often than not everything falls into place and I end up enjoying the games but I do kind of miss the days of the PS1 and Mega Drive where you could (mostly) just jump right in and start enjoying a game right away.

Obviously, this is peak first world problems but I thought it’d be worth mentioning as I’m curious if anyone else feels the same way.

Virtual next gen
Really enjoying my next gen console, the Oculus Quest 2. Have really enjoyed Until You Fall’s swordfighting and working up a sweat (my shoulders are killing me but I’ve almost got the best sword in the game). Echo Arena seemed a bit complicated at first but I am now addicted to the zero gravity ultimate frisbee and cannot believe the game is free! Did you ever play Final Fantasy 10 and think ‘Blitzball looks fun’? Then you need to play Echo Arena!

I will be buying a PlayStation 5 but after my old experiences fixing PlayStation 3s, and every single one having different parts inside, made me think that getting a launch console is paying top dollar for an interior model. £300 for an Oculus Quest 2 seems more acceptable.
TomBloodySizer (PSN ID)/TommyFatFingers (Oculus)

So, had my PlayStation 5 from Thursday and I must say…. impressive piece ok kit. Astro’s Playroom has been an absolute joy to play through and I’m currently getting my teeth into Uncharted 4 (haven’t had a PlayStation since PS1, so a lot of catching up to do).

I’m looking to expand my PlayStation friend list as I’m now pretty late to the party, if any fellow GameCentralers want to add me… work away!
gavin g1 (gamertag)/duke_of_spook_u2 (PSN ID)

Switch HD
Missed last week’s Hot Topic but did read some of the opinions with interest. I have one of my own about the ‘overrated’ nature of a lot of Nintendo games. In fact, all of them that don’t start with either Super Mario or The Legend Of Zelda. I’m a Switch-only gamer and love the console, in terms of hardware it does what Nintendo does best, brings together modest existing technology in a creative way to create something much more than the sum of its parts.

However, I think Nintendo’s reputation on games is a little overstated. Everyone remembers the big leaps forward of Super Mario Galaxy or Breath Of The Wild, and rightly so, but the vast majority of their games are really very conservative baby steps forward, on a very narrow range of IPs at that. If you look down the list of big Switch sellers, Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Mario Tennis, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… they are essentially HD versions of their 15-20 year old GameCube (or DS) iterations.

A lot of them even carry over ancient design decisions from that era, such an clunky inventory management (Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem I’m looking at you!). It’s telling you usually only get one franchise iteration per console, it’s as if without new hardware development Nintendo can’t think of new ideas to improve the games or offer up different experiences between sequels, from a purely software features standpoint. I take the Super Mario Galaxy 2 exception to the rule.
PS: Wondered on XCOM 2, after your iOS review yesterday, how does it stack up next to the Switch version? Like some I have a Switch and an iPad (relatively new that will run the game) so wondered which version to get. After the ‘Switch tax’ it’s much cheaper on iOS and given the more powerful Apple hardware on newer iPads assume it’ll also run better? But I do like having all my games together on Switch to play with physical controls… and you’ve got the TV dock.

GC: That really is not true for Animal Crossing, Pokémon, or Fire Emblem – and we don’t even like those last two very much. But yes, XCOM 2 does run more smoothly when on a high-end iOS device.

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No need for caution
Got PlayStation 5 set up and here’s the highlights so far, for anyone interested.

  • Controller really builds on the immersion and Astro’s Playroom is great at showing what it can do. You can feel each individual clang as it walks on metal, which then turns to a crunch walking on snow – when it starts ice skating you can really feel each glide on the ice as you change direction. At one point, when walking over a fan, the combined movement and noise coming from DualSense told my brain cold air was blowing on my chin. I actually held it up twice to check it was not actually blowing out cold air. Not had that kind of sensation outside of VR.
  • Tried a few PlayStation 4 games on it and it significantly increases the quality. Tried F1 2020 and amazing when in pit when you can read text from TV screens in the background, when on a PS4 Pro it would be all blurry and out of focus. The frame rate is a huge increase as well and combined with the lower input lag makes it all feel a lot more responsive.
  • Never played Days Gone before but a few hours into that and I have never seen that kind of quality graphics in terms of both resolution and frame rate on anything on my PS4 Pro. You could be forgiven for thinking it was a launch game – can’t wait to see what they can do with new games over the next few years.
  • There are load of quality of life improvements: silent running, activity cards, Trophy progression, etc. and amazing to turn it on, select a card for a game you’re in middle of and less than two seconds later be actually playing where you left off – with this I don’t see any need to launch any kind of quick resume feature.
  • Didn’t have any issues with the size of it and fits perfectly alongside my TV unit, looks great in the flesh and no issues with setting it up. Plenty of room on the SSD as well, as I’ve got seven full games installed and still got 400GB left.

If anyone thinking of getting one and has a question then let me know – I’m certainly glad I didn’t wait!
David M

Inbox also-rans
Anyone having issues with games uninstall themselves of your PlayStation 5? When you insert the disc don’t press copy, wait a few minutes and it will automatically start the install process. This should sort your issue.
StuRobbo1984 (PSN ID)

I really like these mini-console all-in-ones. However, it should be half the price and have at least 30+ games. I have a Capcom retro collection on my Xboxes with many games and it cost maybe £15. It’s too expensive. Come on Capcom, you can do better.

This week’s Hot Topic
The topic for this weekend’s Inbox asks what is the most impressed you’ve been by something from the next generation of consoles?

It can be the consoles themselves, the games, the controllers, or a service or feature that wasn’t present in the previous generation. What gives you the most encouragement for the future of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and why?

Do you feel that the new consoles are making a better impression at this stage in their life than previous formats or do you think they’ve been a disappointment so far? What are you hopes for the immediate future (the next six months or so) and the longer term?

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

The small print
New Inbox updates appear every weekday morning, with special Hot Topic Inboxes at the weekend. Readers’ letters are used on merit and may be edited for length.

You can also submit your own 500 to 600-word Reader’s Feature at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend slot.

You can also leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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Nuketown '84 Arrives To Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer

The multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War wouldn’t be complete without Nuketown popping up in some form or fashion. After all, the fan-favorite map has appeared in every Black Ops title since the series’ inception. The latest version of the map, Nuketown ‘84, is available now in Black Ops Cold War, and it isn’t your daddy’s Nuketown. Actually, maybe it could be since the map is set in the ’80s. The point is that this is a different spin on the classic location, okay? 

How different, you ask? For one, Treyarch says this ’80s variation isn’t the same map, but rather a sister site to the Nuketown we know and love. Dubbed “Site B”, this previously undiscovered area had once been pegged for nuclear testing before the government pulled out at the last minute for budgetary reasons. The site was then abandoned for decades before a group of “social misfits” found it and set up shop, transforming the faux idyllic neighborhood into a graffiti-laden den of junk, guns, and debauchery.

Nuketown ‘84 joins the 6v6 map rotation and, like the original Nuketown, features plenty of houses to hide in and windows to snipe from. The relatively compact map means the action will be fast-paced with death coming swiftly and often. To get a leg up on how to navigate Nuketown ‘84, you can check out the Black Ops Cold War blog post for a full rundown on the map’s individual features as well as helpful tips and tricks. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our review of the game here to see why it’s one of the best launch titles for new-gen hardware, especially if you’re a PS5 owner

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Flight Simulator’s new update is the prettiest (and safest) way to travel across America

Finally, it’s America’s time to shine. Microsoft and developer Asobo Studio announced Tuesday that Microsoft Flight Simulator’s second world update is here and focuses on the United States, offering new visual improvements to locations across the country.

Those improvements include four new handcrafted airports: Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth; Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington state; and New York Stewart in the Hudson Valley, north of Manhattan. Microsoft Flight Simulator’s second world update also polishes up 48 other U.S. airports and includes “50 new high-fidelity points of interest across the country,” Microsoft said in a news release. Those points of interest include the Statue of Liberty, Kennedy Space Center, the Hoover Dam, Monument Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, and the Grand Canyon.

You can see those new locations and visual upgrades to major cities like New York City, San Diego, Boston, and Miami, in the trailer above.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update 2 is available for free — once you download the patch, just head to the in-game marketplace to claim the World Update. The latest additions to the flight sim follow a similar update from September that focused on Japan.

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Gal Gun Returns Preorder Bonus Invites You To "Smell" A Schoolgirl

I’m not a prude. I’ve interviewed Nutaku (twice!), done profiles of games like Bible Black and Taimanin Asagi, and am a pretty unapologetic stan for games like Senran Kagura and Onechanbara. That said, I definitely have my limits, and the skeevy Gal Gun franchise continues to sail past those limits with its strange combination of sexual harassment and light gun games.

The latest entry, Gal Gun Returns, takes things a few steps further and brings its debauchery to directly to your nasal cavity. That’s right, folks, Smell-O-Vision is back and worse than ever, as Returns will include scented bookmarks with each preorder. What do these bookmarks smell like, pray tell?

If you guessed “a high school girl,” good job! Also, maybe get some help.

Returns will include a bookmark emblazoned with the game’s poster girl, Kaname, that’s being marketed with the phrase, “Smells Like A Girl.” Kaname is a 2nd year student at the game’s Sakurazaki Academy, and doesn’t actually have a listed age. However, based on the class structure (she’s in Class 2-B) and her attire, it’s safe to assume she’s in her early teens. 13 or 14, maybe?

Anyway, if you preorder this game, you can take a deep whiff of her thanks to this bookmark. Look, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, and am definitely not here to make character aspersions. But this is definitely one of the weirder preorder bonuses I’ve seen in a hot second, and I’d really like to know how far this series can push it before they run afoul of more mainstream outlets.

We shall see. Gal Gun Returns is due out January 2021.

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Bella Blondeau is a lovable miscreant with a heart of gold… or so she says.

She likes long walks in dingy arcades, loves horror good and bad, and has a passion for anime girls of any and all varieties. Her favorite game is Nier: Automata, because she loves both robots and being sad.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Now Available On Google Stadia

After releasing on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 last year, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is now officially available on Google Stadia. To celebrate its release on the new platform, Google is offering Fallen Order at the promotional price of just $23.99.

When it first released last year, the game was a critical and commercial success, garnering praise from most gaming outlets and exceeding EA’s sales projections. Fallen Order has seen a bit of a resurgence lately, as it was recently added to Xbox Game Pass when EA Play merged with the service.

The game’s narrative puts you in the role of Cal Kestis, a Jedi who survived the Purge and is now trying to restore the Jedi Order. It’s a decent story, but one that is overshadowed by the demanding combat. It’s not quite as difficult as Dark Souls or Sekiro, but the influence is clearly there. At any rate, Fallen Order is a Star Wars game that’s definitely worth the price of admission – especially if that price is $23.99.

Google Stadia has as few other things going on this week, as six new free games were announced for Stadia Pro. On December 1, Into the Breach, Hitman 2, Kine, Monster Jam Steel Titans, Everspace, and Secret Neighbor will all be added to the service. Five games are also leaving Stadia Pro on November 30, so be sure to add those to your collection while you still can.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is now available on Google Stadia for $23.99.

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Jon Bitner is an Associate Editor for TheGamer. His passion for gaming started with his first console (Sega Genesis) and he hasn’t stopped playing since. His favorite titles include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Team Fortress 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Pokémon Sword & Shield, Old School Runescape, Skyrim, and Breath of the Wild. He can usually be found playing the latest RPG, FPS, or some obscure mobile game. Before working as Associate News Editor, Jon earned a Biology degree and worked in the Biotechnology sector — experiences that taught him how to put words together and make sentences. When not playing or writing about the gaming industry, he enjoys sleeping, eating, and staring at birds.

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Torchlight III Announces Snow And Steam Holiday Update

Torchlight III is just over a month old now, having launched just in time to make use of the holiday gaming season. After the Halloween-themed Gear ‘N’ Goblins in-game events, developer Echtra Inc. has dropped details on the next holiday event, Snow & Steam, which is currently in the works and expected to hit the (Steam) Public Test Realm on December 1.

In a dev update post on the Torchlight III website, also addressed some community concerns players are having with gameplay, including drop rates, itemization, loading issues, quest mob issues, disappearing pets, instance resets, movement skill controls, and others. Devs also included an update on Team Echtra’s Extra Life event stream, and congrats are in order.

Torchlight III launched in mid-October, and the devs were still able to get the Gear ‘N’ Goblins event in place before Halloween. The spooky season update included “new pets, legendary gear, fort decorations, Fazeer affixes, and a large list of bug fixes.” Also delivered was “a limited time Gear ‘N’ Goblins Gift Bundle to Multiplayer Mailboxes” that caught a snag on the way out, and had to be hotfixed later. You should have received your new spooky pet in your Multiplayer Mailbox by now. Be sure to check asap, as they will expire by the end of the year, so you’ll need to claim it quickly if you want it.

The Snow & Steam update is still being dev tested, but they did throw in a few tantalizing details of what you can expect to find when it goes live. A new fort addition is incoming that is both decorative and functional, and “is something you have been dyeing to have.” A new legendary weapon is planned the devs describe as “pretty chill” and “cool as ice”. Sounds as if the Snow & Steam theme will be front and center, and if so, then you may also expect items that play on the steam aspect, as well. And by popular request, there seems to be another new pet incoming; either the cutest snow-white puppy, or the cutest snow-white wolf, you’ve ever had as an in-game pet, and this one wears its own backpack and bedroll!

Click over to the Developer Update post to read the rest of the details regarding the game issues concerning the community, and the Extra Life report.

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Crimzo signs to the Houston Outlaws – Daily Esports

Another big signing has completed in the league, with one of the best flex supports available. The Houston Outlaws have signed Canadian flex support William “Crimzo” Hernandez, formerly of the Dallas Fuel. With this signing, Houston fills their flex support spot up, despite still needing more players for the complete roster. As Crimzo has evolved from contenders to the league, his skill has only grown and the Outlaws noticed that in their pickup.

Crimzo’s path to pro

To start, Crimzo has been part of the Dallas Fuel’s organization since early in his contenders career. He started out playing for EnVision Esports, a Canadian team in North American Contenders. After a good performance, Team Envy picked up the roster when it disbanded. Of course, Team Envy is owned by EnVyUs, an old organization that started in the Call of Duty days. Those same owners ended up buying the spot for the Dallas Fuel, and Team Envy was their academy team. Crimzo played flex support on that team for a full year, from late 2018 to 2019. Just after that, Dallas promoted Crimzo to the Fuel.

While the Fuel didn’t play amazingly that season, Crimzo did show that he deserved to play in the league. After the season ended and the pandemic made a lot of teams release players, free agency was a festival. Crimzo thus became available. Houston saw an opportunity and jumped on it.

The Outlaws’ rebuild

It’s fair to say that the Outlaws needed a change. For the past three seasons, the Outlaws were at best a mid-table team. Besides re-signing Dante “Danteh” Cruz, the Outlaws have been quiet this off-season. That clearly is changing with this signing. That makes sense, as they still have many slots to fill within their roster. Either way, Crimzo is the best flex support left with Overwatch League experience. He should fit in nicely in the new Outlaws team, and hopefully will finally be able to show off on a good Overwatch League team.

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Google Stadia Is ‘In It For The Long Haul’ As They Reveal Roadmap To 2023

Google Stadia’s director of games Jack Buser laid out the company’s roadmap for their releases in the coming years. He mentions that — though most companies are focused on 2021 up to 2022 right now — Stadia will be focusing their attention further ahead, to their larger launches in 2023.

Stadia is Google’s flagship foray into the gaming industry, running on PC, Android and Chrome browsers. The platform allows you to play games through the cloud, eliminating long loading and downloading wait times. It has been heavily criticized for its lack of diversity in titles and poor communication between the team and its community. This was directly reflected in the low launch numbers reported for the platform at the start of 2020.

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Buser’s insights were published in a recent interview for Mobile Syrup in which he discussed the first year of progress and the issues the company has faced. He states that, although there’s been pushback, the team truly believes in the product. “Try it,” Buser recommends; “[The ability to try it free is] a pretty powerful message for folks who are down on Stadia, for whatever reason, to just try it out.” When asked about the plans Stadia has for the coming years, Buser touched on the upcoming partnerships with Harmonix (creators of Rock Band) and Supermassive (creators of Until Dawn), among others, and hinted at an abundance of upcoming content that would be exclusive to the platform.

He also mentioned that the three-year roadmap for the company includes 400 new titles from more than 200 developers, most of which will be landing after 2021. He stated that the company has basically finished planning its 2021 releases, which includes the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077.

He touched briefly on the statements made by Alex Hutchinson last month about streamers, saying that his company encouraged a kind of “symbiosis” between gamers and platforms and hopes to build that relationship by investing in the community surrounding the games and the future they represent. Buser says that Google Stadia is “unequivocally” invested in the gaming world “for the long haul.”

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UK Based Scalper Group Claims To Have Bought 3500 PS5s

A group that calls itself CrepChiefNotify claims to have used bot software to have bought up almost 3500 PS5s.

Any of you who tried to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X and were unsuccessful will know all about how frustrating the process can be. Even those of you who did manage to land a console will have likely had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get one. What makes it so annoying is that even when you fire up the site as sales go live, it still doesn’t guarantee you’ll leave it with a PS5 or Series X secured.

It likely left a lot of you wondering what exactly you need to do to be one of the lucky ones. In the UK last week, many sites’ virtual queues reached lengths of more than 200,000 people. Since most of those people would have entered the site at the exact same time, many of you might assume that the order of the queue is selected at random for the most part.

That might be true. However, there are also people out there using bots and software to bypass those queues and unfairly bag themselves a console ahead of thousands of others. As much as retailers have tried to counteract anyone doing that sort of thing, there are always some who find ways around it. CrepChiefNotify, for example. A group based in the UK that told Business Insider it managed to accrue 3500 PS5s between preorder launch day and release day last week.

The group is made up of thousands of members, all of which pay a subscription service for access to CrepChiefNotify’s software. It will notify users when and where a selected product is back in stock, allow them to bypass any virtual queue that has been created, add the desired items to the cart and take care of the check out process.

That means even those at the front of the gargantuan virtual queues in the UK last week may have missed out as they were unknowingly passed by bots. CrepChiefNotify’s manager, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that their users landed 2472 PS5s last week, and a little less than 1000 when pre-orders went live in September. They will now be sold on various resale sites, some of which have next-gen consoles listed for as much as $1600.

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