MIT CSAIL’s AI revives dead languages it hasn’t seen before

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) claim to have developed a system that can decipher a lost language without needing knowledge of its relation to other languages. They say it’s a step toward a system that’s able to decipher lost languages using just a few thousand words.

Lost languages are more than an academic curiosity. Without them, humanity risks missing a body of knowledge about the people who historically spoke them. Unfortunately, most lost languages have such minimal records that scientists can’t decipher them by using conventional machine-translation algorithms. Some don’t have a well-researched “relative” language to be compared to, and they often lack traditional dividers like white space and punctuation.

This CSAIL work, which was supported in part by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity and spearheaded by MIT professor Regina Barzilay, a specialist in natural language processing, leverages several principles grounded in insights from historical linguistics. For instance, while a given language rarely adds or deletes a sound, certain sound substitutions are likely to occur. A word with a “p” in the parent language may change into a “b” in the descendant language, but changing to a “k” is less likely due to the significant pronunciation gap.

By incorporating these and other linguistic constraints, Barzilay and Luo developed a decipherment algorithm that can handle the vast space of transformations and the scarcity of a signal in the input. The algorithm learns to embed language sounds into a multidimensional space where differences in pronunciation are reflected in the distance between corresponding vectors. This design enables the system to capture patterns of language change and express them as computational constraints. The resulting model can segment words in an ancient language and map them to counterparts in a related language.

With the new system, the relationship between languages is inferred by the algorithm; the algorithm can assess the proximity between two languages. Moreover, when tested on known languages, it can accurately identify language families.

The team applied their algorithm to Iberian considering Basque as well as less likely candidates from Romance, Germanic, Turkic, and Uralic families. While Basque and Latin were closer to Iberian than other languages, they were still too different to be considered related, the system revealed.

In future work, the team hopes to expand their efforts beyond the act of connecting texts to related words in a known language, an approach referred to as cognate-based decipherment. The team’s approach would involve identifying the semantic meaning of the words even if they don’t know how to read them. “These methods of ‘entity recognition’ are commonly used in various text processing applications today and are highly accurate, but the key research question is whether the task is feasible without any training data in the ancient language,” Barzilay said.

Barzilay and coauthors aren’t the only ones to apply AI to recovering long-lost languages. Alphabet’s DeepMind developed a system, Pythia, that learned to recognize patterns in 35,000 relics containing more than 3 million words. It managed to guess missing words or characters from Greek inscriptions on surfaces including stone, ceramic, and metal that were between 1,500 and 2,600 years old.

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Halo 4 PC Beta Test Invites Going Out Right Now

Following a small delay, the first public beta test for Halo 4 through The Master Chief Collection is beginning now. Invitations are going out now, community manager John Junyszek said on Twitter by way of emojis.

Microsoft uses the term “flight” for its beta tests, which explains the airplane emoji in the tweet.

Unlike previous Halo beta tests, every eligible Halo Insider member is being invited into the Halo 4 test. If you didn’t get an invite right away, keep checking your email, as invites are rolling out in waves. This beta test includes portions of both the campaign and multiplayer.

Those who have gotten in to the Halo 4 PC beta test have begun to post photos from it. The image below shows off some of the new menus, which include things like additional customization options and pages pertaining to cross-play and input-based matchmaking.

Someone on Twitter asked Junyszek if there might also be a beta test for Halo Infinite, and he responded with the eyes emoji, which is curious. Microsoft confirmed years ago that Halo Infinite would have beta tests. However, in July, Microsoft confirmed that due to the impact of COVID-19 and other factors, the company was scaling back its plans for Halo Infinite beta testing.

Halo 4 is the sixth and final Halo game coming to PC through The Master Chief Collection, following Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 3: ODST.

In other news, Microsoft has confirmed MCC will be optimized for Xbox Series X/S, with support for up to 120fps.

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Fallout 76 Is Free To Play This Week, And Heavily Discounted

In the world of Fallout, October 23 marks the day that the bombs first fell. While that might seem like an odd anniversary to celebrate, Fallout 76 is doing just that with a free-to-play week, which is active from now until October 26.

You can currently play the full game–including the Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter expansions–for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Any players who enjoy their time in the wastelands and decide to keep going after this week will find that their progress carries over, and the game is discounted by 60% until October 27. The exact price will vary depending on your region.

There are some other discounts running in-game during this event, so all players can pick up Atom Packs at a discount:

  • 500 Atoms: 20% off base price
  • 1000 Atoms (+100 bonus Atoms): 25% off base price
  • 2000 Atoms (+400 bonus Atoms): 30% off base price
  • 4000 Atoms (+1000 bonus Atoms): 35% off base price

Furthermore, all players will be able to access a preview of Fallout 1st, the subscription service that gives you private servers. Until October 26, you can find a preview available to purchase in the Atomic Shop, which will give you some of the membership benefits for the rest of the free-to-play period. You’ll gain access to the Scrapbox and Survival Tent.

Fallout 4 is also on sale this week, with the base game and GOTY edition discounted by 70%, and the Season Pass and DLC packs cut by 60%. It’s worth remembering, though, that if you’re buying a PS5 and subscribe to PS Plus, you’ll get Fallout 4 through the new Plus Collection.

Fallout 76 has struggled since launch to hold our attention, although the Wastelanders expansion saw a marginal improvement–check out GameSpot’s 5/10 review. The game is also on Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers to that service will still be able to access the game after this trial.

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Best Fortnite Gifts For Christmas 2020

Even though Fortnite is no longer the flashy new gaming trend, it remains one of the most popular games in the world. To call Fortnite a phenomenon would be something of an understatement; it has become a gaming staple much like Super Mario was when Nintendo’s plumber dominated the conversation in the late ’80s and early ’90s. For that reason, if you have kids on your shopping list this holiday season, it’s a pretty safe bet that at least one of them is a Fortnite fanatic.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free-to-play game, so all you need to start playing is a console, PC, or smartphone–though recent legal battles between Apple/Google and Epic Games have threatened Fortnite’s playability on mobile devices. But even though the battle royale game is ostensibly free, there are plenty of Fortnite gifts that are sure to make fans happy this holiday season. From safe bets like in-game currency to action figures and Funko Pops to gaming chairs and board games, our Fortnite gift guide covers a lot of ground to help you pick out the best gift possible.

Fortnite V-Bucks


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LoL: Worlds 2020 | G2 Esports vs Damwon Gaming Semifinal Preview

Europe’s and Korea’s best teams will face off this Saturday.

After weeks of competition, the LoL World Championship is in its final phases. There are now only four teams left standing with the hope of proving themselves as the best in the world. Everything is on the line for these teams as only two series separate them from the Summoner’s Cup.

The first Semifinal match will pit the LEC first seed G2 Esports against the LCK first seed Damwon Gaming. Both of these teams are excellent and wouldn’t be surprising to see in the Finals. In fact, last year we saw G2 defeat Damwon in the Knockout Stage on their path to the 2019 World Finals. But the past is the past, and now the Korean slayers G2 must go up against perhaps the most formidable LCK team of the past couple of years.

Win conditions

As many consider Damwon to be the favorites for this match, they have the clearest win conditions. G2, on the other hand, needs to show us the spark they had in 2019, with innovative picks and fast-paced gameplay. This has the potential to be a great series, but if it is to be, it relies heavily on G2 showing up in peak form, not the coin-flippy version of themselves.

The high variance gameplay that G2 shows is likely to be the deciding factor in either team’s victory. Damwon is a clinical team, they pick apart their opponents individually and through smart macro. They have some of the most skilled players in each role too, meaning it’s difficult to focus one weak link and exploit them, plus it’s incredibly hard to exploit them in the early game. Because of this, perhaps the most important thing for Damwon is to play games slowly, like against DRX. If things get out of control in the early game, it’s possible G2 accelerates their lead too quickly and they can’t recover. If this happens, Damwon could find themselves in a sticky situation. But if they don’t give up much or, better yet, get ahead, they’ll easily convert their leads into wins.

On the other hand, G2 absolutely needs to play fast and bloody. Damwon is way too good in the late game with the team fighting capabilities of players like Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun. As such, G2 should find strong matchups mid for Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther so they can get mid priority. From here, they can attack the top lane or bottom lane, either way, if Caps is ahead he’s able to roam and expand G2’s overall lead. If they can catch Damwon off guard like Fnatic did against Top Esports in their first two games of the series, they might have a chance.


Regardless, it’ll be an uphill battle for G2. Damwon, along with Top Esports, is a tournament favorite for a reason. They’re simply a dominant team, no ifs ands or buts. It’s almost impossible to find a chip in their armor, even for a team as good as G2.

However, if this was G2 last year, the story might be different. Unfortunately for them, it seems that the team has declined somewhat this year compared to their peak form last year. Some members just aren’t performing as well as before, and more importantly, they don’t have that same creativity in the draft that caught so many opponents off guard. They’re very inconsistent, meaning it’s difficult to really believe in them because they could just not show up.

Because of all of this, Damwon is favored in this series and it will probably be a 3-1. G2 won’t go down without a fight, they never do, but Damwon is expected to have a strong showing here. Although, if any team is going to pull out a massive upset, its G2. So no matter what, this series is sure to be one of the most exciting ones in the tournament.

Series prediction: Damwon 3-1

MVP prediction: Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu

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League of Legends – Neuer Champion Seraphine im Guide

Seraphine ist der neuste Star am LoL-Himmel. Auf den PBE-Servern wird der neue Champion schon seit Mitte Oktober getestet. Am 28. Oktober bringt Patch 10.22 die Musikerin auf die Live-Server.

Seraphine, “das verträumte Goldkehlchen”, macht am 28. Oktober ihr Debüt vor der breiten Masse der League of Legends-Spieler. Als sie angekündigt wurde, hat sie bereits aufgrund ihrer Ähnlichkeit zum Champion Sona mächtig Kritik geerntet. Ob diese berechtigt war, wird sich noch zeigen, denn nun ist es erst einmal höchste Zeit, sich die Fähigkeiten und spielbaren Strategien mit dem neuen Champion anzuschauen.

Solo-Auftritt in der Mitte?

Als Sängerin liebt Seraphine das Scheinwerferlicht – und könnte auf der Mid-Lane gegebenenfalls auch eine grandiose Show abliefern. Mit ihrer passiven Fähigkeit “Stage Presence” ist die Musikerin in der Lage, jeden dritte ihrer verwendete Fähigkeit automatisch ein zweites Mal auszuführen.

Bei Seraphines Q-Fähigkeit käme das ganz gelegen: “High Note” ist ein AoE-Zauberspruch, dessen Schaden stärker ist, je niedriger die HP der getroffenen Champs sind. Sollte ein einfaches Wirken des Spruchs ganz knapp nicht zum Kill reichen, kann die passive Fähigkeit hier hervorragend Abhilfe schaffen.

Durch “High Note” kann die Sängerin außerdem effektiv Minion-Waves im Alleingang erledigen und so auf der Mid-Lane gut alleine Gold farmen.

Um den Schaden des “verträumten Goldkehlchens” zu steigern und sie so in der Mid-Lane-Position zu stärken, können Items wie “Athene’s Unholy Grail” für sie angeschafft werden.

Duett auf der Bot-Lane?

Wo Seraphine ganz besonders glänzen kann, wäre im Match-Up mit einem AD-Carry auf der Bot-Lane. Da ihre HP generell nicht besonders hoch sind, und einige ihrer Fähigkeiten in der Nähe von Verbündeten stärker werden, wäre auch die Support-Position für Seraphine denkbar.

Die W-Fähigkeit des neuen Champions ist hier besonders erwähnenswert. Mit “Surround Sound” gibt Seraphine sich und umliegenden Verbündeten einen Schild und erhöhte Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit. Sollte sie selbst vorher schon durch einen irgendwie gearteten Effekt einen Schild gehabt haben, schwenkt die Fähigkeit um und heilt sie und ihre Teammitglieder – eine sehr nützliche Fähigkeit für einen Supporter.

Seraphine hat ihr Publikum im Griff

Wirklich interessant wird Seraphines Kit aber erst bei näherem Betrachten ihrer E-Fähigkeit und ihrer Ultimate. Auf E befindet sich “Beat Drop”, ein Zauberspruch, der gegnerische Champions für eine Sekunde verlangsamt – aber nicht nur das. Bereits verlangsamte Champs werden festgesetzt, bereits festgesetzte Charaktere folgerichtig betäubt – für eine Sekunde.

Wie ihr in League of Legends schnellstmöglich euren Rang verbessern könnt, lernt ihr in diesem Video:


Die jeweils gesteigerte Wirkung der E-Fähigkeit eröffnet interessante Möglichkeiten im Item-Build von Seraphine. Ein Item, welches ihre Attacken von vornherein mit einer leichten Verlangsamung des Gegners versieht – beispielsweise “Rylai’s Cristal Scepter” – sorgen so dafür, dass “Beat Drop” Gegner nie mehr nur verlangsamt, sondern direkt festsetzt. Werden die Zaubersprüche dann auch noch im richtigen Timing gewirkt, kann die passive Fähigkeit greifen und die E direkt verdoppeln, was den Gegner für zwei Sekunden an Ort und Stelle fesseln würde.

Seraphines Kit wird mit der ultimativen Fähigkeit “Encore” komplettiert. Diese Fähigkeit verzaubert die Gegner und gewinnt mit jedem getroffenen Champion an Reichweite. Es zeigt sich also deutlich, dass Statuseffekte auf drei ihrer Fähigkeiten die ausschlaggebenden Elemente sind. Items für sie sollten dementsprechend angepasst werden und besagte Effekte unterstützen – ähnlich wie “Rylai’s Crystal Scepter”.

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Halloween – Call of Duty lässt Horrorlegenden Leatherface und Jigsaw los

Call of Duty geht in den Halloween-Modus. Das Special bietet besondere Spielmodi und Belohnungen in gruseliger Nachtatmosphäre, in der bekannte Horrorgestalten auftauchen werden.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lässt am Dienstag die Horrorlegenden auf die Spieler los. Ob Leatherface mit der Kettensäge oder Jigsaws Puppe Billy – für Gänsehautmomente ist in dem Halloween-Special “The Haunting of Verdansk” reichlich gesorgt. Bereits der Trailer gibt einen Einblick auf das düstere Geschehen, das mit dem neuen Update Zugang in die CoD-Community findet.

Das Halloween-Event dauert vom 20. Oktober bis zum 3. November. Neben der Grusel-Show zwischen den Filmen Saw und Texas Chainsaw Massacre bietet das Paket Neuerungen im Battle Royale und Multiplayer.

Was beinhaltet das Halloween-Special?  Im Modus “Zombie Royale” werden eliminierte Spieler nicht in den Gulag geschickt, sondern in Untote verwandelt. Die Rückkehr zu den Lebenden kann mit auffindbaren Spritzen gelingen. Wer den letzten überlebenden Operator hat, gewinnt das Spiel.

Aus Kopf wird Kürbis

In den Versorgungskisten auf Verdansk warten diverse Überraschungen auf die Spieler, die von Sprays über Skins bis zu neuen Waffen reichen. Im Multiplayer wartet außerdem eine spezielle Halloween-Killstreak – nach drei Abschüssen verwandelt sich der Kopf in einen Kürbis, der beim zehnten Abschuss sogar Feuer fängt. Wer besonders gut ist, fällt somit unfreiwillig auf in der Dunkelheit.

Video: 10 Waffen, die ihr in CoD meiden solltet

Dieses Video ist ab 18 Jahren freigegeben.

Zusätzlich gibt es die Spielmodi Onslaughter und Snipers Only. In Onslaughter kämpfen die Spieler um eine Juggernaut-Ausrüstung und müssen damit bestimmte Aufgaben erfüllen. In Snipers Only können die Scharfschützen ihre Skills unter Beweis stellen und gewinnen bei dem Erreichen einer bestimmten Abschusszahl.

Galerie zu den aktuellen Halloween-Special-Events

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gibt mit dem aktuellen Patch und dem Special noch einmal Vollgas, bevor mit Black Ops Cold War am 13. November der nächste CoD-Teil erscheinen wird.

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  • Start der Beta-Phase von Black Ops Cold War 

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PS4 Halloween Sale Includes Resident Evil 2, Days Gone, And More

With Halloween right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to play some appropriately spooky games. If you’re a PS4 owner looking to get in the holiday spirit, the PlayStation Store is hosting its annual Halloween Sale right now. Not every game in the sale is a pure horror game, which means you can grab titles like Death Stranding and Days Gone for cheap, too. The Halloween Sale runs until November 3, so you have a few weeks to make your picks. There’s also a new Games Under $20 promotion filled with lots of bargains.

There are a handful of solid horror games in the sale. Resident Evil 2’s stellar 2019 remake is discounted to $16, Little Nightmares is down to $5, and both Evil Within games are 50% off; the first entry is $10, while The Evil Within 2 is $30. You can also grab the atmospheric first-person shooter Alien: Isolation, and all of its DLC, for only $8.

Other games that somewhat touch on the horror genre are heavily featured in the sale, too. Death Stranding is on sale for $30, Days Gone is down to $20, and Doom Eternal is $30. You can also snag The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Complete edition for $15 and Nioh for $10. Though not a huge discount, it’s worth noting that the recently released Souls-like Mortal Shell is on sale for $25.49.

The Games Under $20 sale runs until October 29 and features deals on a variety of popular franchises. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is discounted to $10, which is quite the bargain considering it comes with three great remastered adventures. Multiple Far Cry games are heavily discounted: Far Cry 4 is $6.59, Far Cry Primal is $9.89, and Far Cry 3 Classic edition is $9.89.

PlayStation Plus deal

12-month digital code

You can even snag some worthwhile games for $5 or less, including the charming couch co-op adventure Unravel Two, Tomb Raider: Definitive edition, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

You can browse both sales at the PlayStation Store and see our picks below.

Best deals at PlayStation Store

  • Alien: Isolation – The Collection — $8 ($40)
  • Blair Witch — $15 ($30)
  • Darkest Dungeon — $7.49 ($25)
  • Days Gone — $20 ($40)
  • Death Stranding — $30 ($40)
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — $4.49 ($30)
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection — $15 ($30)
  • Devil May Cry 5 — $20 ($25)
  • Diablo 3: Eternal Collection — $19.79 ($60)
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive edition — $24 ($60)
  • Doom Eternal — $30 ($60)
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe edition — $5 ($20)
  • The Evil Within — $10 ($20)
  • The Evil Within 2 — $30 ($60)
  • Far Cry 3 Classic edition — $9.89 ($30)
  • Far Cry 4 — $6.59 ($20)
  • Far Cry Primal — $9.89 ($30)
  • Little Nightmares — $5 ($20)
  • MediEvil — $15 ($30)
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst — $5 ($20)
  • Mortal Shell — $25.49 ($30)
  • Nioh — $10 ($20)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Deluxe edition — $15 ($50)
  • Resident Evil 2 — $16 ($40)
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive edition — $4 ($20)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete edition — $15 ($50)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — $10 ($25)
  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection — $10 ($20)
  • Unravel Two — $5 ($20)
  • Wolfenstein: Alt History Collection — $48 ($80)

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  • PS4 Halloween Sale Is Live Now, Includes Resident Evil 2, Days Gone, And More
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Spitzenpolitikerin plant Among Us-Stream auf Twitch |

Die New Yorker Abgeordnete Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (kurz AOC) möchte mithilfe von eigenen Streams mehr US-Amerikaner für die anstehende Präsidentschaftswahl begeistern.

Die US-Politikerin der Demokratischen Partei hat sich bereits öfter via Twitter dazu bekannt, Legue of Legends-Spielerin zu sein. In Zeiten der Quarantäne ist sie laut eigenen Aussagen sogar bis auf Rang Silver III geklettert.

Am 19. Oktober fragte sie in einem Tweet, ob jemand mit ihr das Spiel “Among Us” spielen möchte. Der Post hat bereits über 349.000 Likes und 14.200 Antworten erhalten. Viele bekannte Streamer haben sich bereits gemeldet und hoffen in ihren Stream eingebunden zu werden. Bereits bestätigt sind die Streamer “HasanAbi” und “Pokimane”.

Präsenz im Gaming

Für AOC ist es nicht das erste Mal, dass sie ihre Präsenz in den sozialen Medien auf die Gaming-Welt ausdehnt. Beispielsweise begann Ocasio-Cortez im Mai 2020 mit Besuchen von Spielerinseln auf Animal Crossing, verbreitete freundliche Botschaften und signierte Bulletin Boards. Auch hatte sie bereits einen Auftritt auf dem Twitch-Channel von HBomberGuy. Hier half sie dem Streamer Geld für die Trans-Jugend zu sammeln.

Der Twitter-Post um ihr Streaming-Vorhaben hat inzwischen so viele Menschen erreicht, dass ihr bisher noch ungenutzter Twitch-Kanal bereits über 184.000 Follower hat.

Einige Twitter-User haben sich schon Sorgen gemacht, dass sie den Stream verpasst hätten. Allerdings muss AOC noch einige Einstellungen in ihrem Profil und Testläufe machen.

Biden und Trump ebenfalls im Gaming unterwegs

Cortez ist aber nicht die einzige Politikerin, die im Gamingbereich unterwegs ist. Auch US-Präsidentschaftskandidat Joe Biden betreibt seine Wahlkampfkampagne in Animal Crossing und Donald Trump sendet seine Auftritte live auf Twitch:

Was ist eure Meinung zu diesem Thema? Sollte sich Politiker eher aus Spielen raushalten oder findet ihr die Idee gut?

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Riot further teases VALORANT's Episode 2 with an image of a dead clock

It seems like some fan theories might be close to the truth.

VALORANT devs are known for teasing future content in the battle pass. And now, they might’ve given fans another hint to mull over.

Riot discussed what goes into the battle pass’ creation in today’s blog post. But devs Sean “Oniram” Marino and Preeti Khanolkar ended the post off with a section titled “Episode Two Teases” and an image of a dead clock, potentially alluding to an upcoming agent.

Several VALORANT fan theories suggest the Act III battle pass and new map Icebox might tease a samurai agent who manipulates death and time. The snowy tundra is riddled with allusions to samurais as if scientists are running lab experiments all over the map.

And while there are many potential Easter eggs in the battle pass, the tier 48 player card is especially relevant. The dog tag on the card has the Latin words “memento mori” written on it,” which is an object that warns or reminds you of death. There’s also an hourglass on the player card, tying together death and time.

Without any concrete evidence or confirmation from Riot, these theories are simply conjecture. But the Episode Two teaser image of a dead clock, whose file name is “notime,” may suggest that the community is on to something.

Riot still hasn’t confirmed the veracity of the fan theories. But an agent that can simultaneously challenge the Grim Reaper and Father Time may be on the horizon.

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