Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar – Tempestfall Coming To VR In 2021

Carbon Studio is working on an all-new VR game based on the Warhammer franchise – Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall.

Tempestfall’s setting is one of the newer eras of the Warhammer series, trading in 40K’s metal crunch for a more supernatural angle. In the game, players will take on the role of a magic-wielding warrior, a Lord-Arcanum, and battle the ghostly Nighthaunt in the realm of Shyish as part of a taskforce known as the Stormcast Eternals. Expect first-person combat with spooky demonic foes, driven by a gesture-based weapons system players of Carbon’s older games may be familiar with.

Age Of Sigmar Comes To VR

A VR-exclusive developer, Carbon is best known for its spell-casting fantasy series, The Wizards. In its two mainline games, including this year’s The Wizards: Dark Times, players summons mystical shields and toss fireballs or ice arrows by making specific gestures with VR motion controllers. Clearly, Carbon and Games Workshop saw this as a suitable fit for Tempestfall.

“Casting spells with specific hand movements felt natural, and we’re happy to say it will return in Tempestfall, albeit in a slightly different form,” Carbon’s Piotr Gala told UploadVR. “This time we’re going to wield some very powerful weapons, blessed by Sigmar himself.”

One of those weapons is the Tempest Blade, a mighty sword that’s made all the more deadly by the gesture system. Gala explains that players can thrust the sword forward whilst pressing the trigger to charge forth, tearing through multiple enemies. Or you could send out an electric arc shockwave with a horizontal slash.

Tempestfall will also build on other elements introduced in Dark Times. For example, the game offers a full, single-player campaign split across two “large and distinct” regions. You’ll find traversal challenges, including using superhuman strength to remove giant metal gates. Along the way, you’ll also discover artifacts and relics that you can use to upgrade weapons and abilities.

Carbon is aiming to release the game on Oculus Quest and PC VR platforms in 2021. Of course, Tempestfall isn’t the only Warhammer VR game on the way right now; next month sees the launch of Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister on Quest. It’s a first-person shooter set in the series’ most recognizable universe.

“I think it’s fantastic that both Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 are finally coming to VR,” Gala said of the two. “These universes are incredibly rich in lore, diverse factions, awesome characters, and the tiniest of details making it all more believable. It’s peak power fantasy, and we get to bring it to VR, which is very exciting!”

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Amnesia: Rebirth – Alchemist’s Laboratory Puzzle Guide

In the 100 years between The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Rebirth, more than just the monsters stalking you have evolved. Possibly just as frightening are the puzzles this game has up its sleeve, fully capitalizing on the cryptic and alien locations you will find yourself in when you make it into the Alchemist’s Laboratory. If you’re feeling as helpless as Tasi in solving this puzzle, we’ll help illuminate things for you.

Alchemist’s Laboratory Puzzle Guide In Amnesia: Rebirth

Once you enter the area, your first step is to go into the room straight ahead and pick up the glowing pyramid looking device off the floor. Carry it a few steps back into the center room to light up the door on the left side of the room, allowing you to activate the button and go inside.

Use the next button to lift the gate into a room with a ton of other strange objects you can ignore for now. Instead go right through another gate find the glowing desk on the right. Toss the lid off the orb on the table and grab it to trigger a small scene. Do a 180 from there and grab another pyramid off the other desk and carry it back into the room with all the objects. Make sure you walk it far enough in that it shoots out two beams of light, one orange and the other white.

Exit this room the way you first entered and follow the hall to the right, taking the first door on your left out onto a big balcony. Walk all the way to the bottom and pull the lever where the blue cable connects and pull out the canister type thing. While still on this lower level, grab another canister from a pedestal surrounding the circular area.

Retrace your steps back to the primary room and toss out the broken canister from the device on the floor, replacing it with the two you have in your inventory. While you’re at it, clear the cubes off the top of it as well and throw the pyramid up on top. Now, looking through the grate in the direction the pyramid’s light is shining, you will see three symbols on the far wall you need to remember. Input them on the main panel in this room. When you get it right, press the yellow button on top and beams of light will hit the three triangles and one sphere ahead of you.

Pull the lever on the center, spherical, pedestal to open it up so you can plop in the orb you picked up earlier. With this in place you can now activate the device you put the cannisters and pyramid on before. Once you do, hit the lever again to pull out the orb, which now shows you a vision of the doctor.

From here you’re free to leave, but be ready to run. You’ll need to make a mad dash back to the outer room and use your amulet to enter the rift, taking you out of the Alchemist’s Laboratory and on to the next stage of the game.

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Has Lost Its Senior Narrative Designer

Cara Ellison, the senior narrative designer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, has moved on from the project. In a statement given to PC Gamer, publisher Paradox Interactive has confirmed that Ellison is no longer involved with the game.

“We can confirm that Cara Ellison has decided to leave Hardsuit Labs and is no longer working on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2,” the statement reads. “Cara brought fresh ideas to the project and many of her contributions will be present in the game launching next year.”

Ellison has secured a new position–she’s now a Senior Narrative Designer at League of Geeks, the Australian developer of Armello. The studio’s next game remains a secret, but it will be published by Private Division.

Ellison is not the first narrative team member to leave the project. In August, narrative lead Brian Mitsoda and creative director Ka’ai Cluney were terminated from developer Hardsuit Labs. In June, it was announced that Chris Avellone’s contributions to the game would not be used after numerous accusations of sexual assault and misconduct came to light.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 was originally scheduled for a 2020 release, but it was delayed into 2021. A new date has not been set. The game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Street Fighter League recap – Season 3 Week 2 – Daily Esports

Welcome to the first installment of our Street Fighter League recap series. Each week, we will give you the highlights of each match, as well as a breakdown of what transpired. In week 2, we saw the debut of teams Psycho Shinobi and team Dynamite, as well as the two winners of week 1 facing off with team All-In and team NASR.

First up was Psycho Shinobi, consisting of HotDog29, Caba, and Xian against Dynamite. Team Dynamite consists of Smug, MenaRD, and Gamerbee. This is a roster change for Dynamite, as NuckleDu and Problem X were both replaced by MenaRD and Gamerbee. Psycho Shinobi’s character ban was for Balrog, specifically targeting Smug. Likewise, Dynamite chose Guile to target Caba forcing him to move to his secondary, Ryu.

The first match of the night was Caba vs Smug, who, despite an admirable effort with his Ryu, lost 2-0 to Smug in a dominating performance. Caba was only able to take one round between both games. The second match was HotDog29’s M. Bison against Gamerbee’s Seth. HotDog29 showed an equally dominating performance, taking the match 2-0 and ending game two by expertly baiting out an EX Mad Cradle from Gamerbee.

A strong start for team Dynamite

The third match was Xian’s Seth versus the 2017 Capcom Cup champion MenaRD and his Birdie. MenaRD began the match with a strong game and finished by making it 2-0. Xian followed suit by running back both games two and three 2-0, not giving MenaRD another round for the rest of the match. The fourth and final match was Smug’s G versus HotDog29’s Bison. This match was a back and forth blow out as Smug took game one 2-0, followed by HotDog29 taking game two 2-0.

Game three began with an amazing round one finish from HotDog29 as he closed it out with a conversion from Bison’s V Skill 2 explosion into an air follow up. HotDog29 then went on to take game three 2-0 winning the day for team Psycho Shinobi 3-1. HotDog29 showed the best performance we have seen in Street Fighter League so far this season, and in a post-match interview with RobTV credited his team’s performance to studying match videos and previous performances.

The next match was both of the winners from week one, the first being team All-In consisting of last year’s Capcom Cup champion iDom, as well as SKZ and 801 Strider. They faced off against team NASR which includes BigBird, AngryBird, and Street Fighter League veteran, Samurai. All-In swept team Alpha 3 during week one 3-0 and NASR beat UYU in a much closer match, 3-2. Team All-In decided to ban Akuma targeting Samurai, and NASR chose Poison, hoping to help against iDom.

SKZ continues to impress

The first match was 801Strider’s G versus AngryBird’s Seth. AngryBird won game one 2-1, finishing the second round with a perfect. He then went on to win game two 2-0 putting team NASR in the lead. The second match was SKZ’s Seth and Samurai’s secondary, Kage. This was another quick match as SKZ won game one 2-1 and game two 2-0. Despite being a newcomer to the competitive scene, SKZ has already proven his worth taking out both Punk in week one and now Samurai in week two, both of whom are high-level tournament veterans.

The third match was iDom’s Laura versus BigBird’s Rashid. Using the costume he designed for Laura after winning the Capcom Cup, iDom took game one 2-0. BigBird followed suit though by winning game two 2-0, but he lost again to iDom in game three 2-0. Next up was SKZ versus AngryBird in a Seth mirror match. Despite SKZ’s fantastic performances, AngryBird’s masterful control of Seth won him games two and three after losing game one 2-0 to SKZ. Both teams were tied 2-2 and the following match would decide it all.

The fifth and final match of the night saw iDom against AngryBird’s Seth, which is definitely not an easy matchup for Laura, as Seth can control the ground in neutral so well. AngryBird gets a perfect in round two of game one, winning him the set 2-1. In game two, AngryBird won the first round and is sitting on tournament point. iDom manages to take it back by winning game two 2-1. Then in game 3, right before the match starts, iDom declares to his teammates: “I see how he’s playing.” With a pixel of life left in round one, iDom baits out an EX Mad Cradle from AngryBird for the kill and then proceeds to take game two 2-0. Team All-In wins for the second week in a row going 3-2.

Download complete for Street Fighter League Week 2

Team All-In is definitely a force to be reckoned with as we move into week three, which will pit Dynamite versus UYU and Psycho Shinobi versus Alpha 3. Week 3 will begin on October 22 at 7 PM ET, and you can catch it on the Capcom Fighters Youtube and Twitch channels.

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